July 16–31th — Erie, PA

"The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live."
~Mortimer Adler

These are a select few of my many projects that I have done, feel free to check them out!


Portfolio Web Application

Picture of HozaifaAbdalla.com

A Web Application built by me from scratch using HTML, CSS, Python, and Javascript specifically Jquery. I embedded a google map, google font, linear gradients, a full page background, and added a form in python that allows users to send me an email through the google app engine mail API that I integrated with this application. The application is fully responsive through Jquery and media queries and fit for mobile, tablet, and all devices. Currently working on making all other applications responsive. Check out the this portfolio on other devices!

IOS Quiz Applications

Picture of IOS Xcode

Delve a little into IOS application development and created a few simple calculator applications and a fun quiz application. Through my endeavor in learning iphone app development I learned xcode, the storyboard, and a little objectice-C along with swift. The quiz application used a random generator and form validation and tested users on their knowledge in Anatomy and Biology through four choices. The calculator applications involved several buttons and labels. Source code for these projects are given upon request!

Ascii Chan Application

Picture of Ascii Chan Application

Built a fun web application called Ascii Chan with google's app engine and integrated it with a google maps API however removed it due to privacy of users. I built the front end with html and css and backend with python. I stored the information in Google's Data Store database. I memcached the information for less database queries, escaped users html input, as well as used a form built with python for users to enter information. I also used the Jinja2 Templating language with python. Try it out and post some ascii art and watch it appear below!

Javascript Resume

Picture of Javascript Resume

Built an interactive resume application with javascript that reads my resume content from a JSON(Javascript Object Notation) file and dynamically displays that content within an html and css file. Through this application I have learned the javascript fundametals, principles, and advanced datastructures in the javascript lanugage such as JSON, objects, and arrays. I also implemented it with a google maps API, however removed the map due to privacy. Browse source code to see it!

Responsive Template

Picture of my HTML5 Template

I built a complete responsive html5 and css3 template from scratch ready to go for any user to utilize. Not sure what responsive means? Responsive is when a site is designed to adapt the layout of the viewing environment to multiple devices, so instead of a webpage just being optimized for a computer it can be used for a mobile application as well. Want to test it, decrease the size of your browser on the template and watch the content format itself!

Student Blog

PSU Blog

By far my most impressive project which includes a blog that I'm building for campus events with google's app engine using a python backend. I built a complete user login system, stored user login information in cookies, used a hashing algorithm to ensure security in user passwords, and used the Google Data Store database. I also integrated the blog into json, just add "/.json" to the end of the url for evidence. This is only a beta version, coming out with more soon stay tuned!

PSU Rate My Professor Plugin

PSU Rate My Professor Plugin

Colloborated with Yehya Awad, a Penn State classmate and created a google plugin that adds two columns in the student.psu.edu schedule that displays the professor rating, and average grade for each professor from the rate my professor page. Used a python scraper to obtain each professors' rating and average grade and outputed it into a JSON file. The plugin also displays different colors for each element. Green indicates a good rating, red indicates a bad rating, and yellow indicates an average rating. The plugin currently has 63 users.

Meeting Scheduling System

Picture of Meeting Scheduling System Application

A Meeting Scheduling System application I built using Java. The Meeting Scheduling System allows you to create people, rooms, and most importantly, meetings. It allows you to add people and delete people from meetings as well. The application is fault tolerant through Java's regular expressions and all information is displayed through tables and JLists. All the meetings can be saved and imported. Techniques that were implemented into this application are object serialization, regular expressions, action event handling, and object oriented programming principles. All code can be found on my github.

Tic Toe Game

Picture of tic tac toe game

Tic Tac Toe Game I built using Java! The playing field is marked with numbers. The user must enter a number from 1-9. Any other number or letter is rejected. The game includes artifical intelligence. The computers turn is optmized to block the user's turn when available and win the match when theres a chance.

Bugz Game

Picture of Bugz Game

Html 5/Javascript game I developed. Techniques involve object oriented javascript, inheritance, scopes, and many javascript essentials. Playfield is created using an Html 5 canvas.

screenshot of wiki page


Software Degree

Penn state Logo

Pursuing a bachelors degree in software engineering in my third year at Penn State. Penn State is ranked the 25th best engineering university by the US News and World Report. During my voyage here at Penn State I have learned an enormous amount of information about computer science and software engineering and intially learned programming through the C++ programming language. I am honored to be apart of Penn State and will continue to expand my hunger for knowledge!

Web Development

Html5 and Css3 logo

I have quite a bit of experience in web development through a series of web applications that I made listed above and specifically knowledgeable in Html5, Css3, and Javascript. I'm proficient in front end as well as backend with python. I have experience with databases as well and used the Google Data Store in Ascii Chan and my blog. Through the blog I've built a complete user login system with python, memcached common requests, and used cookies for the login information!

Programming Languages

Programming language image

I have a variety of knowledge of several programming languages. For backend I have delved with Python and created a couple applications above using python for the backend. I'm adequate in object oriented in python as well. For front end I have knowledge with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. I am also proficient in C++ and have a basic knowledge in Objective-C and swift. I continue to strive to learn more programming languages and currently working with PHP!